Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning in War-Time and Plantinga ch.5

At first when I read these two assigned readings I got kind of discouraged. We're supposed to do everything for God? As a media production major I right away thought about the films I want to direct. Does this mean I have to insinuate christian beliefs in everything I make? Then in class this was clarified. Instead of everything outwardly being for God its more so just a mindset. As long as you realize that God is the one who has given you these gifts and you thank him for them your set. Part of that is walking the walk, which of course in my case would mean that I would not direct anything that goes against my beliefs, and in this way I am honoring God. This lines up with the vocation that Plantinga talks about.

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  1. Dear Tyler,

    I think you need to blog the essays separately!

    As for your comments:

    Yes, you are right! Your work should always glorify GOD. However, this can done even by whistling a happy tune whilst in the shower altough most will consider the 'by praying on your knees in your bedchamber at night...' as more Holy. But what god sees is their hearts!

    As for the film industry, many times a film may show the heavenly values, guiding the 'cultural more' towards God's laws. The vilain should be a vilain and not be worshiped as a saint, the mother caring for her children, not harrasing them or cursing. It should be a film where the father learns or is blessing his family through what he is... Being Christ-like to his wife...

    Unfortunately, what has happened many times is that we, christians want to be 'accepted' and 'applauded' by the non-christian world, as we seek fame and honor or simply financial rewards for our work: that's the wrong motive!
    We need to remember that God left His Glory and became a poor little baby. As the poorest of the poor, nobody would listen or care for Him unless they could see His heart. If one would adore Him, it would literally be in faith, believing what Jesus said, not what they saw for fame, honor or beauty for that matter!

    We always have to remember that God made all: the devil only perverted it, and will try to do so with anything we do. For me, the best way to know if I am doing the correct thing is to ask myself: can I bring this as a present before God's throne?

    As such, ALL we DO (action) should be antecipated by fervent prayer and a profound study of His Word. You are choosing a VERY important area of work (many will see what you do), but it is also one with GREAT pitfalls and very few stay firm as christians. It will take an incredible amount of humility and prayers from your part. Are you ready for that? Have you already started with your daily Bible Study and do you have a strong group of friends that will support you in that effort by praying for you as you begin this carrer?

    You will be in my mind when in prayer!
    God Bless,

    Adriana & Paulo

    ps. Just this morning while I was reviewing Plantinga for class I thought: wouldn't it be great to see a country stand still (rich and poor, young and old) for one day to obey the ten commandments as the author suggests? What would happen, for example in a country like Haiti?