Thursday, January 22, 2009

Man or Rabbit?

This reading came at the right time. Before I read this, a friend and I had a conversation with a another friend of mine about the exact same thing. He said that he just wants to live for the moment, live a good life and help others. He said that its not whether or not he believes in God or Jesus or the afterlife, its just that he doesn't care to. We then went on to say to him that he does care, otherwise he would not be talking about it with us. My friend wanted to be a Rabbit, but towards the end of the debate he seemed to come to closure with the fact that maybe he should take the responsibility of being Man. Afterward, I read Lewis' essay and became clear on the topic. Some of the things I said in the conversation I felt may not have been right, but once I read the essay my stance was confirmed. It's a good feeling knowing that more people share your ideas and beliefs.

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